Car Insurance FINALLY Sorted – very cheap car insurance no deposit

I just bought some no deposit car insurance!

I hate trying to sort out my car insurance – I put it off as long as I can, and then end up doing it in a panic at the last minute. There’s nothing quite as annoying as thinking you’ve found a great deal, going through the whole process, only to be asked at the end for a deposit that you completely didn’t budget for. Then you go back through it all, changing all the figures ever so slightly to see if you can tweak it so you can afford it and it still covers everything you need.

I had one goal, and one goal only going into sorting it out this time: to find some very cheap car insurance, no deposit required. At first I thought I’d set myself an impossible task and that I was just going to end up frustrated and having to go back to my usual method, but I found out that actually, there’s quite a few options that don’t require a deposit! You have to be willing to pay slightly more per month, but if you’re like me and stuck for cash up front this can be a much better option. I also looked into no down payment car insurance, but decided against it.

I spent a while looking around and comparing different quotes – I was willing to pay more per month for a lower deductible but you might find the opposite. It’s definitely worth not just going for the first quote you find that seems okay (and trust me, I know the temptation to do that instead of shopping around!), because there’s some offers that I stumbled across that I nearly missed. I found my quotes here by the way:

This whole experience hasn’t made me enjoy car insurance shopping – far, far from it – but given that I went into it thinking the whole cheap car insurance without a deposit idea was impossible, I certainly hate it a bit less now. In fact, the next time I have to renew it, I might even manage to avoid leaving it until the last minute! Knowing that it’s something I can find cheaper deals for definitely make me worry less, so maybe this will be the start of a newer, more organised chapter of my finance planning!

Probably not though, I’m already putting off the energy bills at the moment.