Worst Things To Finance With a Loan

Was talking to my old roommate yesterday and remembered this funny story. Decided to share it 🙂

When I was at university, I had a roommate who was, apparently, allergic to money. Upon receiving his first student loan instalment of the year he spontaneously booked a cruise from New York down to Mexico. We lived in London, England. He had no plans to go to New York.

Then the next instalment arrived and he immediately blew hundreds of pounds on an ‘inflatable hot tub’. And yes that is essentially one of those kids pools you have in the garden in summer. That he paid to get delivered from China. And yes, he could have just gone to almost any other store and bought one for 10% of the price.

It arrived, already with a puncture, he tried to fill it up in the kitchen and flooded the entire apartment (and the one below it when the water escaped through their ceiling).

But this made me wonder what other crazy purchases have made people think ‘oh I must take out a loan so I can afford that, immediately’.

Here are the top 3 worst things people were willing to admit to spending their loans on. Turns out not many people are willing to admit their dumb spending habits.

1. One guy spent all of his loan money on McDonald’s happy meals after becoming addicted to collecting happy meal ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ toys. Cool.

2. Another guy with literally no income at all applied for a loan to pay for a cruise. Who knew cruises were so popular amongst the financially unstable?

3. On girl even went as far as to apply for, get accepted into, and enrol at a university she had no intention of attending just to get her hands on the loan money to pay for a boob job. To be honest I’m actually quite impressed with the thought that went into this strategy. It would definitely be cheaper than heading to one of the title loan companies near me to risk my car.

Good Car Insurance – My Embarrassing Reason to Buy

Debated weather or not I should share this on my blog, and decided it’s for the best that I do!

I’m no stranger to embarrassing moments. In fact, it’s the main reason I refused to join my friends on one of those silent meditation retreat things in India. I can think of nothing worse than sitting in a room with only my own thoughts for days on end. I’d hit myself over the head with a rock immediately, rather than allow my brain to bombard me with every even slightly humiliating thing I’ve done in my lifetime.

I may not want to think about them for days on end, but I do believe that you can learn from these bouts of embarrassment. And just one of the things I have learned is the value of decent car insurance.

About a year ago, I was back home for a few months looking to find a job to replenish my bank account. I scored an interview at a company I really wanted to work at. Turned up surprisingly on time. The interview went pretty well. I strolled out of the building feeling positive. And got into my car, which was parked in the car park right outside the front entrance.

I then proceeded to, very loudly and confidently, reverse directly into the offices I had just been interviewed at. At full force. And in the direct eye line of a large percentage of the company staff, including the woman that had just interviewed me. Excellent.

This scores above average on my list of embarrassing moments. Yet it taught me an important lesson. Get decent car insurance. I already had it, out of luck. But it would have been much more difficult to laugh off my embarrassment had I not.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering. Despite leaving a lasting impression. I didn’t get the job.

P.S if you’re looking for some good coverage car insurance I highly recommend: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/